Mahjong Connect Classic

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If you have a free minute, relax and improve with original puzzles. Mahjong Connect Classic is based on a traditional Chinese intellectual game. Bright tiles, colourful design and interesting tasks.

How to play Mahjong Connect Classic

The tiles are arranged on the board in several rows. The player’s task is to clear the board of tiles as quickly as possible. To do this, just find two identical elements and click on them. The selected tiles will disappear, and other elements will move to their place. Depending on the level, the tiles move left or right or vertically. This way, the arrangement of the images is constantly changing.

Create your own strategy and get the maximum number of points. Choose only free tiles that are not blocked by other tiles on the left or right and can be connected by a line with a maximum of two corners. Also, identical elements that are located next to each other are active.

If you need help in a difficult situation, use the hint. The alternative pair of tiles will disappear immediately and you can continue the game.

Limited time

The Mahjong Connect Classic game is limited in time. Each successful move allows you to get extra time. The faster you find identical pictures, the more time you have to solve the puzzle.
Stack identical tiles and relax: this is the secret of oriental culture.

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