Mahjong Adventure

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In this Chinese game, you need to clear the playing surface by matching pairs of tiles .

Choose only those wooden planks that are similar to the presence of the same characters or drawings. If you take the tiles from the edge and connect them, the bonuses are accrued twice as much as when connecting the internal plates. Try to make fewer moves and you can earn three gold stars to the main bonus account. Each level will be more difficult than the previous one. You must be prepared for changes. Cognition is not the only criterion in computer games, so it is difficult to call intellectual entertainment vivid and exciting. But, in the case of this representative of the category of Mahjong you plunge into the exciting world of puzzles.

This is quite a popular online game in this genre. In the process, you can enjoy the graphics of the game and the very process of having fun. All the tiles that need to be used in the game are made in the same Chinese style.

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