Japanese Mahjong

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Japanese Mahjong is an extremely complicated version of Mahjong with a unique combination of tiles.
You must take into account each movement to improve your strategy, to achieve the maximum possible result or even remove all the tiles. If you want to test your intelligence and attentiveness then play Japanese Mahjong puzzle.

You need to clear all the playing field of the tiles. Each item will have some kind of picture on it. You have to carefully examine everything that you see and look for two identical tiles on the playing field. Selecting them with a mouse click, you will receive points and remove these items from the playing field. So doing these actions you have to completely clear the playing field of objects and in such a way solve the puzzle. Show all your levelheadedness and be extremely attentive. Remember where the tiles are located and then you will not have any difficulty.

The game is designed in the simplest style. Pour yourself a cup of tea and letโ€™s get started.

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