School Mahjong

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School Mahjong is simplified classic mahjong with school supplies.

Do you like school? maybe some of our players are still studying, while someone graduated from high school a long time ago and has already forgotten what the classroom equipment looks like. Both will be able to have fun in the game School Mahjong.

This puzzle game will suit both preschoolers and elementary school students. On the large tiles of the mahjong, you can notice various school supplies and equipment: books, rulers, compasses, globes, flasks, calculators, briefcases, microscopes and many more. Find the same tiles located on the edges of the rows. If the tiles are blocked to the sides by neighbouring tiles, they will not be removed. You can combine pairs of similar items. You can only select pairs that have at least 2 adjacent sides open. Use your mouse to play this game.

All tasks of the game are simple so that children can certainly cope with them. Mahjong puzzles contribute to the development of thinking and intelligence.

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