Mahjong Dimensions

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The game Mahjong Dimensions takes you to a whole new dimension.

Enjoy the design of the mahjong cubes, find the same pairs and remove them from the playing field. The game has a time limit. You have only 15 minutes. How many levels can you complete during this time? Usually, in games of the genre of mahjong, we deal with flat tiles on which various drawings are applied. In this case, you will have to disassemble the volumetric pyramids of various configurations, consisting of cubes.

There are also drawings on the cubes and you need to delete them in pairs by finding two identical unblocked cubes. To view the pyramid from all sides. The volumetric construction of cubes opens up new opportunities for you. You can rotate it around its axis, inspecting from all sides, choose the identical ones and disassemble it all to the last cube. To do this, use the arrows on the display, or the left/right keys. If there are no moves, use the special icon and mix all the cubes. Level completion time is limited, but you can win bonus time.

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