India Mahjong

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Mysterious mahjong of the Indians is waiting for you in the India Mahjong.

India is a beautiful country with a long history and beautiful architecture. You have the opportunity to enjoy all this with bewitching music. This game consists of two parts mahjong and puzzle. The rules here are slightly modified.

This game is quite unusual and you have to carefully inspect each element used in this game. To remove the tiles, you need to move them to each other. To do this, click on a tile with a mouse and select the direction of movement. Your time is limited, so try to do it as fast as you can. Discover the secrets of India in this addictive mahjong puzzle. Why not play mahjong on the background of ancient temples and palaces of magnificent India. After each mahjong, you can play an easy mini-game to distract you a little. India Mahjong is a fun logic game that will engage you in the atmosphere of ancient Indian culture.

Only after completing these two tasks, you can see the image of one of the wonders of India. Discover the 10 most beautiful places.

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