Mahjong Dimensions Deluxe

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Mahjong Dimensions Deluxe is a magnificent three-dimensional version of the game Mahjong.

Make combinations of two identical tiles to remove them from the playign field. Tiles must have at least two free sides. Also, the free three-dimensional online game Mahjong Dimensions Deluxe allows you to play without time limits. Use the hints and shuffle the tiles whenever you want. Attack the layout at once on three levels and enjoy the passage as long as you want. The game offers high-speed tiles matching mode.

The game stands out from the similar subtle quality of realism, the ability to choose a mode without time limits and freely use the tips. You should remember that only open tiles can be selected for exclusion from the playing field. In this case, the figure which consists of them can be rotated at any time using special arrows. This will allow you to find paired symbols if they are already over on the visible edge. During the game, you must follow the timer, because if the time runs out, then pass the level will not work.

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