Mahjong Zuma

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Try your hand in this addictive puzzle game “three in a row” Mahjong Zuma.

Help the frog defeat the magic snake in the game Mahjong Zuma. This is not too difficult for those who can accurately throw balls. With the help of the mouse rotate the frog and shoot with colourful balls. The goal of the game is to prevent the line from reaching the end, breaking it on the way. The throw must ensure the construction of a row of three or more identical balls so that they disappear. It is necessary to completely exterminate the entire chain, even the only remaining ball can cause significant harm. Destruction of coloured balls will make the chain shorter until the balls will be completely removed.

Mahjong Zuma is a classic zuma game. Anyone who loves this genre will be glad to see a new colourful puzzle and enjoy a new version of the popular game. Following the tradition of the classic zuma game, you drive a frog that must shoot colourful balls along a huge chain, which is gradually moving. The idea is that you match in the same colour to reduce the chain until all the balls disappear.

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