Easy Mahjong

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Easy Mahjong is a modern interpretation of the popular Chinese board game.

This mahjong is, in fact, a classic example of a puzzle whose history begins somewhere in ancient China. Images on tiles are as classic as the shape of the pyramid. According to the rules, the player must remove all the tiles from the playing field, combining them according to the game pictograms. In one move, you can remove only two tiles with identical patterns.

The main condition is to use only tiles that are not blocked by other tiles. In other words, you cannot take tiles from the middle of the pyramid, as the neighbours tightly cover them on the right and left. Use tiles located around the edges. The tiles are stacked on top of each other. First, you need to remove the top tiles. If you cannot find a pair, the game will offer a hint. Enjoy peaceful mahjong theme and stylish classic graphics. You can also cancel the move if you come up with a more effective strategy.

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