Mahjong Chain Classic

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A mental exercise right in your smartphone or tablet. Mahjong Chain Classic is a single-player game that trains attention, logical thinking and strategy skills.

You can also play in a popular game Mahjong Midas online for free!

How to play Mahjong Chain Classic

Find identical tiles, click on them, and watch them disappear from the board. After that, other tiles will move to the vacant space. This strategy allows you to find new moves and avoid stalemates.

No time limited

If you want to play with no time limited – just start the game in Relax mode!


You can use additional options. Use the hint when you can’t find an available move. You can shuffle the tiles or click on the bomb option. Then several elements on the field will explode and disappear.

Mahjong Chain Classic: Game mode

Choose a game mode: normal or recreational. If you want to relax, the second option will do. No timers, no restrictions on options. Normal mode has a time limit for completing the level, and each subsequent stage is more difficult than the previous one.

You will need maximum ingenuity and building your own strategy to win each stage.

Enjoy the original design of the tiles with various symbols, hieroglyphs, circles and bamboo sticks. Make pairs of tiles and get the best score after each game.

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