Mahjong Alchemy

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The unusual design is the peculiarity of the mahjong Mahjong Alchemy.

It is difficult to immediately navigate the placers of flasks, planets and cabalistic signs that adorn the tiles of this game. Mysterious figures line up in front of you, waiting for the right decision. You will solve one riddle and immediately a new one appears, as in the real scientific experiment. Time is running out very fast. But for each correct move, you get game points that remain from level to level. Easily replace it so as not to replay the entire level.

To apply an alchemical trick you must first earn it. To do this, you need to collect a huge number of game points and then buy the ability in the game. The game starts right away – as soon as you open Mahjong Alchemy in a browser window. Do not waste time, immediately proceed to the puzzle solving. Remove pairwise accessible tiles, get points and gradually clear the playing field of tiles. If you donโ€™t know what move to take, use the hint. How far will you go? How many points will be in your score?

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