Birds Kyodai Mahjong

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Your goal in the game Birds Kyodai Mahjong is to find and connect as many birds as possible.

Birds Kyodai Mahjong is a fun connection game. In this game, a player has the difficult task to make all these birds fly away. How can you do that? Start by clicking on the bird, and then find the exact copy of the same bird, as well as clicking on it.

When you complete this simple task, you will see that the bird will fly away. The simplicity of this game will allow you to learn the basic rules in a short time and improve your skills over time. The presented game is a simplified version of the classic mah-jong. The main goal is to clear the entire playing field of tiles. The graphic and musical component is great for allowing the players to fully experience the atmosphere of the game.

Birds Kyodai Mahjong has 70 levels. If you have difficulties, you can use the hints. Their number is not limited, but each of them reduces the number of points received. The Shuffle button allows you to accidentally mix tiles.

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