Mahjong Connect 5

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Enjoy the harmony of ancient wisdom and patience in the game Mahjong Connect 5.

Mahjong Connect 5 is a very easy type of mahjong, where you have 6 useful tips. This game is perfect for all beginners and even for children. Mahjong chain consists of 12 levels. It is a great puzzle game that perfectly develops your attentiveness and patience. You can easily improve these qualities if you pay the proper attention to this game.

On the playing field, you can see the tiles with various hieroglyphs and other pictures that fill almost the entire screen. Try to find the identical ones among them, moving from the edges to the centre to win the game. Click on paired tiles and if there are no obstacles in the form of other tiles between them then they will disappear. Clear the playing field completely and then you can start the next level and continue to improve your skills.
The Chinese could always captivate their guests not only with a sweet conversation with tea, but also with their games.

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