Mahjong 10

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Mahjong 10 is a fascinating type of solitaire, in which tiles are laid out in complex figures.

At the same time, pairs of identical tiles must be found and simultaneously removed, gradually opening the lower levels. The complexity of the gameplay itself will be the higher the selected solitaire figure will be larger since only tiles that are fully open can be deleted from the layout. In other cases, it would be best to think about a completely different course.

Playing online classic mahjong, the player develops his attention, which will undoubtedly come in handy in search of the same images of Chinese characters. It is necessary to carefully monitor the time, which will make it possible not to lose the level. On the panel at the top, you should control the points and, if necessary, immediately click on the tips and help. This puzzle will also pleasantly surprise you and will not leave you indifferent due to good music.

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