Mahjong Frenzy

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Mahjong Frenzy is a mahjong-based board browser game.

The goal of the player is to completely clear the playing field of all the mahjong tiles, which requires clicking on two tiles with the same image in turn. In the online game Mahjong Frenzy, there are 15 levels, for the opening which the player should score a certain number of points. The higher the level, the more points are required. The player can also buy special boosters for game money issued for combo moves – items that increase the number of points awarded per turn. Most levels can only be completed with them.

Mahjong Frenzy adapted for the virtual gaming space, is more reminiscent of solitaire, but instead of cards on the playing field, there are pyramids of tiles. The front side shows a variety of pictures, but we offer you a classic version in the game Mahjong frenzy. Tiles are decorated with hieroglyphs, patterns, fancy plants. To complete level tasks, remove all elements from the playing field, finding pairs of rectangular tiles with the same images.

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