Holiday Mahjong

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Feel the Christmas spirit with this extraordinary Holiday Mahjong 3D puzzle game.

Holiday Mahjong is the classic intellectual mahjong game. This puzzle game has become much more attractive and interesting when holiday elements related to the New Year celebrations were added to it. On the three-dimensional white cubes, you can find a variety of Christmas attributes: Christmas trees, Christmas lights, toys, candles, tinsel and even Santa Claus.

To solve the puzzle, you need to remove all square blocks from the playing field, finding pairs with identical patterns located at the edges of the cubes. The construction can be rotated by controlling the left and right arrows in the lower corners. Holiday Mahjong Dimensions is not simple classic mahjong, but a puzzle with solitaire elements. Rotate the playing field, removing the same cubes, and earn bonus points for speed and accuracy. In addition, for solving each puzzle you get extra time.

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