MadCap Mahjong

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If you are a fan of puzzles, this game will be very great for your entertainment.
MadCap Mahjong will make you think logically and be more careful, which makes this puzzle game more fun. One of the most popular puzzles in the world is Chinese Mahjong. Today we want to present you a modern version of this game Madcap Mahjong.

This time your task will be in a certain time to disassemble the tiles with various patterns applied to them. They will lie on top of each other. In this case, you will have to do this as faster as you can. Having found two identical bones, select them with a mouse click. They will disappear from the playing field. At the same time, you must remember that from time to time the tiles can change their location in space. You will have to have time to find the same tiles during this time and select them with a mouse click to remove them from the playing field. The level is considered completed when you remove all tiles from the playing field. Enjoy this crazy fast-paced mahjong game.

You can see when the tiles shuffle on the left from the playing field. Enjoy this crazy, dynamic MadCap Mahjong puzzle game. Match all the tiles and clear the playing field to beat the best time.

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