Birds Mahjong

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Birds Mahjong is a simple classic Mahjong game with a bird theme.

The game Birds Mahjong invites you to the colourful world of birds. To clear the playing field, pick up two identical mahjong tiles and slide them so that they collide. To go to the next level of solitaire you need to meet the allotted time. Have a fun time playing Birds Mahjong. You can remove a pair of similar items. You can only choose pairs that have at least two adjacent sides open.

This classic mahjong game is one of the most popular games for attention and concentration. To clear the playing field, look for pairs of identical birds that are located at the edges of the pyramid. Take a break and play online games, which develop logic and imagination. Relax and take your mind off business.

It is easy to guess that you can release all the birds in only one way to complete the game. As soon as you find paired tiles and combine them, the birds enclosed in them will fly away with exciting singing, thanking you for the rescue.

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