Winter Mahjong

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Winter Mahjong game is excellent training in memory, ingenuity and observation.

Play in a relaxed atmosphere so that no one distracts you. The process is similar to solitaire and is close to meditative. Playing Winter Mahjong game you will learn how to think rationally and make an informed decision in each move. On the playing field, you will find beautiful tiles with Chinese characters or other images collected in various shapes.

There are a lot of levels and figures that need to be disassembled. The number of layers can also vary greatly, which significantly affects the difficulty of passing the levels. Looking closely at the tiles, you can find similar pictures. Removable game tiles may be highlighted. If you are at a dead-end, then you can reorganize the mahjong elements. If you find it difficult to remember Asian characters, you can choose a game with simple icons. Develop your quick wits, intelligence and attentiveness in Winter Mahjong game. It is a new interesting variety of logic games that came to us from ancient China.

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