Mahjong Towers 2

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There are fans of both traditional rules and design, and those who like simpler options.

Mahjong Towers 2 game is for the second category. The rules are simplified, and instead of strict hieroglyphs cute drawings with animals. Game tiles are laid out on a flat field, and not folded into complex shapes.

The main task of mahjong with animals is to clear the playing field. To do this, combine tiles with the same patterns. To win the level, you must be able to collect all paired items with pictures of animals. In the bottom corner, there is a tooltip that can be used many times at any time. The game can be passed without time for relaxation. It will be perfect for experienced players as well as for the beginners. If you do it right, you can clear the entire playing field. You need to find all the paired pieces and stack them. In rare cases, you can select different images that are logically connected. During the solving tips are available you can use them in difficult cases. The number of tips is endless, but we do not recommend to use them too often so that interest does not disappear.

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